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Representing Louisiana State Troopers

The LSTA represents approximately 97% of the commissioned officers as well as a substantial portion of the State Police Retirees.



The LSTA is a fraternal organization representing the men and women of the Louisiana State Police.


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Through the charitable arm of the LSTA (Louisiana Troopers Charities) money raised for One Vest, One Life will be used to provide all active Louisiana State Troopers with level four ballistic vests. These vests have the ability to defeat high-powered rounds like those that felled officers in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana in July of 2016. This fundraising begins to bring to fruition an objective initiated by LSTA President, Jay O'Quinn and shared with Tim & Karen Lindsey.

Fundraising events are planned throughout the state as the LSTA continues to seek its goal of a vest for every trooper.

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As a member of this elite department, you will have unique opportunities to daily make a difference in the lives of others. You will be continuously called upon to uphold the rich traditions of the officers of this Department who have preceded you in vigilantly protecting the citizens of Louisiana.

Becoming a Louisiana State Trooper is a long, arduous process. Only a small number who apply are ultimately accepted after successfully passing a written exam, an oral interview, and an in-depth background check. The Louisiana State Police Academy is the starting point for all new Troopers

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The decision to become a Louisiana State Trooper is the decision to embark on a career, a new and exciting way of life of dedicated service to the citizens of the state, where no two days are exactly alike.

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